Cleaning Services


All of the bed linen and towels are changed, dirty linen is removed. All bedroom furniture, pictures and lamps are dusted. Drawers are vacuumed and light switches are cleaned. Windows and mirrors are cleaned, bins are emptied and cleaned. Floors are vacuumed and mopped.


All units are washed. Tiles, taps and shower screens are cleaned of lime scale and buffed to shine. Plug holes are cleaned of hair, bins are emptied and cleaned. Windows and mirrors are cleaned. Floor vacuumed and mopped. Toilet roll is supplied for arriving client.


All surfaces washed down, fridge and freezer emptied (unless otherwise requested) and washed. All drawers and cupboards checked to ensure all cutlery, crockery and pans are clean and ready for next client. Oven, microwave, kettle, toaster and other appliances cleaned and polished. Tiles cleaned of any grease and polished. Bin emptied and washed. Windows are washed. Floors are vacuumed and mopped.

Living and dining room

All furniture and pictures dusted. Sofas vacuumed or wiped, depending on the material. Sofa beds checked and set. if required, cushions are plumped and curtains arranged for presentation. Windows washed, floors vacuumed and mopped.


All outside furniture cleaned and arranged. Railings wiped of dust, and cobwebs removed. BBQ checked, cleaned and de-greased if needed. Floors swept and mopped. Shutters can also be cleaned when required.

Fault reporting

We also check for damage or maintenance problems which are reported to the supervisor. They will then report to the office who will notify the property owner.