Property Management

As of January 2019, a monthly fee was introduced, while offering a discount to those clients who would like to pay the whole year or biannual upfront. 

Clients that own more than one property receive a 25% discount on their second property and 50% discount on their third. Should you own four or more properties, these will be non chargeable. (Please see box below on rates)


One property

€55.00* per month

€330.00 €302.50* Biannually**

€660.00 €550.00* Annually***


Two properties

€96.25* per month

€577.50 €529.38* Biannually**

€1155.00 €962.50* Annually***


Three or more properties

€123.75* per month

€742.50 €680.63* Biannually**

€1485.00 €1237.50* Annually***

*+23% IVA (Valid until Dec 31st, 2023)**6 months upfront (1 month free)*** 1 year upfront (2 month free)

Some owners buy their properties for only themselves and perhaps family and friends. This can leave long periods of time between visits when their property is not under management or supervision. TopHat Services will conduct regular property and mailbox checks whilst your property is empty during the low season. We will also report any problems or issues that your property or properties may have. 

In addition, we will also offer the following:

Other services such as pool maintenance and gardening can be arranged upon request but not included in the above Property Management Fee.