Meet & Greets

A meet and greet is where a member of our staff meets your client(s) at the property and shows them around, informing them of all of the things they need to know about their stay and the surrounding area. They will also answer any questions that the clients wish to ask.

Your guest must call when approximately 1 hour away from the property and inform us of any delays, this ensures that the greeter is there at the right time.

We also offer a key pickup and property check service on their departure, holding on to any security deposit if needed. 

Standard Meet & Greet


10:00 - 21:00**

Late Night Meet & Greet


21:00 - 00:00**

Out of Hours Meet & Greet


after 00:00**

Key Pickup and Property Check


10:00 - 21:00**
*+23% IVA (Valid until Dec 31st, 2024)**10 min grace period